Alexander J. Mania
Title Ultimate Pedophile
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Date February 14th (Aquarius)
Originally From Abe series
Played By Jokester
Debut RolePlay

Alexander Mania was one of the characters featured in RolePlay. He has the title Ultimate Pedophile, although the titles were never established in the first RolePlay. He was an odd 13 year old kid who was born with a rare condition causing him to always be at the peak of puberty. He always wears his headset, and if it is removed he goes into a rampage.

He killed both JFK and Bosco in Chapter 4 after being manipulated by Hajime Hinata. It was concluded that since Alex Mania ultimately commited the murders, he was guilty and was then executed.


Alex Mania arrived with the other patients at Hope's Peak Private Hospital to participate in an experiment that would save a dying world. When things went wrong, he was forced to play the killing game.


Alex Mania was fairly rude and most people didn't seem to respect him much, but later on he showed a more compassionate side to his personality.

Hiyoko SaionjiEdit

Alex Mania and Hiyoko had a notable relationship. Alex Mania very clearly lusted for her, she noticed but chose not to acknowledge it too much. Before he was executed, he admited that he had genuine feelings for her.


Last LineEdit

I'm sorry, guys... Just... get out of here alive. For me and everyone who died here. - Chapter 4