A mysterious chapter that seems to continue and connect to both of the RolePlay's...


Part 1Edit

Kaiji Itou and Wesley Goddard are standing in front of Hope's Peak Private Hospital for some sort of "experiment". As they head inside, they find AVGN and Reiko, who seem to be attending the same experiment.

Part 2Edit

As the group reaches the top of the hospital, they notice a massive vault (similar to the one found in chapter 5 of RolePlay). They meet up with Wesgo and Dojima as a mysterious person named Nagito Komaeda introduces himself...

Part 3Edit

Komaeda is talking to a friend of his... who is revealed to be Hajime Hinata. Suddenly, the vault door starts to slowly open...

Part 4Edit

During the previous parts, it is revealed that two men named Nelson Tethers and Chris Bores were outside of the hospital, apparently aiming to stop the experiment. They sneak into the building and Chris is killed by hospital security. Nelson gets away and still aims to end the experiment.

Part 5Edit

The vault completely opens and a mysterious man exits, telling the patients to head inside. Stopframe is seen holding a photo of someone, to which Solvice notices and questions. Stopframe dodges the question as they all head inside. Once inside, the person leading the experiment is revealed... but his face cannot be remembered.

Part 6Edit

Part 6 will be revealed sometime during RolePlay 2.

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