Hajime Hinata
Title Ultimate Huh???
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Date January 1st (Capricorn)
Originally From Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Played By Jokester
Debut RolePlay

Hajime Hinata was one of the characters featured in RolePlay. He has the title Ultimate Huh???, although the titles were never established in the first RolePlay. Hinata was a strange boy, he originally came off as unintelligent and often did things to put him in danger for no particular reason. As the story went on, it was revealed that he shared a body with Nagito Komaeda, which caused his mind to struggle within itself, resulting in Hinata's strange behavior.

Hinata was killed alongside Nurse Bendy by Stopframe in Chapter 5, after he had found out the truth of the hospital.


Hinata arrived with the other patients at Hope's Peak Private Hospital to participate in an experiment that would save a dying world. When things went wrong, he was forced to play the killing game.

Multiple PersonalitiesEdit

As a result of being merged with Komaeda inside of the same body, the two people inside of his mind constantly were struggling for dominance, resulting in two entirely new personalities that would come and go seemingly at random. (Or when he heard a certain sound)

Silly HinataEdit

This was the original personality that Hinata had from the beginning, it was unintelligent and strange. He did show small signs of intelligence or that he was aware of a lot of the events going on, but he often did not.

Devious HinataEdit

This personality did not become active until Chapter 3. During the third trial, when the information regarding what year it was came out, Hinata had a sudden realization which lead to the creation of this personality. This personality is the one that came up with the plan to kill JFK, Bosco and Alex Mania so that the remaining patients could get farther in the hospital. He wore a gas mask while he was carrying out his plan in Chapter 4 because "he wanted to have some fun" and to scare the other patients.


Most people didn't like to associate with Hinata at first, mainly because of how strange he originally was. Later on, when his other personalities started to arrise, including the personality of the real Hajime Hinata, Solvice, Rodrigo, and Hiyoko tried to befriend him, but this proved to be a difficult task.

John F. KennedyEdit

JFK and Hinata had a good bond. JFK was often torn between spending time with Hinata or Bendy, but he seemed to care more for Hinata. During the 4th trial, Hinata expressed sincere remorse for killing him.


Last LineEdit

We don't have time for this! I'm going to check out the church, she came from Moralton so there's a good chance she might be there... - Chapter 5, on Nurse Bendy

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