The 4 survivors of RolePlay standing in front of Hope's Peak.

Hope's Peak Private Hospital was the location in which RolePlay took place. It was a very large hospital that sat upon a high cliff on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean.


Hope's Peak Private Hospital was very large and was home to many expensive, top secret, and highly developed equipment.

During RolePlay, however, it took on a much different appearance. Most of the high-tech equipment was removed and the hospital was now home to many strange and crazy environments. Several hospital rooms were turned into hotel rooms for each patient participating in the killing game.


Hope's Peak Private Hospital was a very advanced hospital, the most advanced in the entire world. This hospital had researched many medical miracles and often times brought them into reality, they had cured AIDS, cancer and many other diseases and ailments thought to be uncurable.

The Cloning ExperimentEdit

In 2014, Hope's Peak sought to prove that humanity could last forever with a spectacular cloning experiment that they were developing. The hospital sought out many different people who were willing to participate in this experiment, including the entire cast from RolePlay. Dr. Scudworth, the man who lead the cloning process and the entire experiment, was the one who decided to have some fun, and instead of using the cloning process for good, he used it to make his "Cloney Island", leading to the events of RolePlay.


Hope's Peak Private Hospital was destroyed at the conclusion to RolePlay.

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