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was the very first installment in the RolePlay series.

Setting and PlotEdit

15 patients awake in a famous hospital named Hope's Peak Private Hospital and are forced to play the mutual killing game for the sake of despair.


  1. Hajime Hinata
  2. Alexander Mania
  3. Wesley Goddard
  4. Solvice Mapelhorn
  5. Wesgo Dardot
  6. Reiko
  7. Nurse Nursula Bendy
  8. Hiyoko Saionji
  9. James "AVGN" Rolfe
  10. Rodrigo Cervezas
  11. Ryotaro Dojima
  12. Bosco
  13. JFK
  14. Coach Stopframe
  15. Kaiji Itou




15 patients suddenly awake in Hope's Peak Private Hospital, after short introductions they are told by Monokuma that they are trapped inside of the hospital and have to get away with murder if they want to leave.

Chapter 1 - Instant DespairEdit

Wesley is accidentally murdered by Wesgo. Wesgo is found guilty and executed.

Chapter 2 - Really Confusing DespairEdit

AVGN is murdered by Reiko. Reiko is found guilty and executed.

Chapter 3 - Self-Inducing DespairEdit

Dojima is murdered by Monokuma while attempting to get more information out of him. During the trial, Monokuma considered it a suicide and there were no executions.

Chapter 4 - On The Rain-Slick Precipice of DespairEdit

JFK and Bosco are murdered by Alex Mania after Hinata manipulated him into doing so. Because Alex Mania technically did the killing himself, Alex Mania was found guilty and executed.

Chapter 5 - You Don't Know Despair (Volume 5)Edit

Hinata and Bendy are murdered by Stopframe after Hinata told him the absolute truth of the hospital.

Chapter 6 - This is the end, Goodbye Despair HospitalEdit

The remaining cast discovers the identity of Monokuma and the mysteries surrounding the hospital. They escape.


The End.

Chapter -1Edit


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