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RolePlay 2.1: αlpha and Ωmega is a follow up/reboot of RolePlay 2.

It is the finale to the main RolePlay series.

Setting and PlotEdit

Following two separate killing games, a random assortment of people awake in the "Zeppelin of Despair" and are forced to play one final killing game to decide the true fate of the world.

Cast (α)Edit

  1. Nelson Tethers
  2. Solvice Mapelhorn (RP2)
  3. Tyresha Bryant
  4. Dr. Neo Cortex
  5. Rick Sanchez
  6. Ayame Kajou
  7. Robert Parr
  8. Prompto Argentum
  9. Teisel Bonne
  10. Vivi Ornitier
  11. Lúcio Correia dos Santos
  12. Coach
  13. Komaru Naegi
  14. Phil Matibag

Cast (Ω) Edit

  1. Nelson Tethers
  2. ???
  3. Okabe Rintaro
  4. Alton Brown
  5. Karamatsu Matsuno
  6. Franziska von Karma
  7. Agnès Oblige
  8. Hau
  9. Lloyd Irving
  10. Morty Smith
  11. James "Sawyer" Ford
  12. John Cena
  13. Doctor K.
  14. Munch Sanchez
  15. Randal Graves

Contributors Edit



Prologue synopsis.

Chapter -1Edit


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