Wesgo Dardot
Wes Go
Title Ultimate Bad Attorney
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Date April 24th (Taurus)
Originally From Wesgo Dardot: Accidental Attorney
Played By Jokester
Debut RolePlay

Wesgo Dardot was one of the characters featured in RolePlay. He has the title Ultimate Bad Attorney, although the titles were never established in the first RolePlay. Wesgo was an unintelligent defense attorney who loved his mentor, Travis Trite. He wore a mask due to an accident that occured many years ago.

Wesgo accidentally murdered Wesley in Chapter 1 by pressing a button that dropped an anvil on him. He tried to cover it up, but it was proven that he was the culprit and was executed.


Wesgo arrived with the other patients at Hope's Peak Private Hospital to participate in an experiment that would save a dying world. When things went wrong, he was forced to play the killing game.


Wesgo wasn't very social, and often times did not even recognize what anyone was talking about. When insulted or when people were afraid of him, he simply accepted it as fact and walked away.


Last LineEdit

I just finally became a defense attorney after so many years of studying law.... and to think.... I'm the culprit of my own first case.... - Chapter 1

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